Most of our business comes from referrals from current and past clients. We are grateful for their endorsements and appreciate their support of our practice by recommending DK Law Group’s legal services to others. From time to time we receive a thank you letter or email from a client that just makes us feel especially humbled and privileged to practice law. What drives us to be great lawyers? It is to use our knowledge of law to make a difference for good in people’s lives.  And, we admit it, to get letters like these. With the authors’ permission, starting in September 2014, we will be sharing some of our client thank you letters here.

Saved client from litigation stress and expensive legal fees:


We wanted to thank you again for your efforts.  The simple fact is that without you it is unlikely this case would have been settled.  We no longer wake up with the specter of a trial looming over our heads.  We know there are details yet to be hammered out, but now we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

You are a classic example of the man who is strong and composed.  We appreciate the finesse with which you approached the entire process; not only in dealing with opposing counsel and with the mediator, but with us.  We fully recognize that we were way out of our comfort zone and experience level when it came to hammering out a settlement, particularly with individuals so intransigent and in a process so foreign to us.  You were masterful, and we relied on your intimate knowledge and mastery of the process to our benefit.

We respect you, and we respect the manner in which you approach life.  You have a strong, generous spirit.  You are a man of honor, integrity, and compassion.

We appreciate beyond measure your efforts on our behalf.

William and Cynthia”

Cynthia, Ph.D, Electrical Engineering and husband William, 30 Year FBI Agent, retired

“It was a pleasure having you be able to assist in bringing about a successful conclusion given the dynamics you faced in the other room. Your professionalism and dedication was most appreciated. I will certainly keep you at the top of my list for future mediations. Thanks again. Take care.”

Alan Berg, Esq., Attorney

“I find the law firm to be honest and hardworking in the cases that it handles. I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone who is considering a lawsuit that covers these matters.”

Richard, Client

“David was very adept & persistent. He continued to assist the parties in reaching a settlement beyond the initial mediation.”

Mark O. Hiepler, Esq., Attorney

“Mr. Karen acted professionally, exhibited intelligence, and an understanding of the advantages of being courteous to the opposition while strongly supporting his client with regards to facts and the law.”

Keith Schulner, Esq., Attorney

“From its experience with the local legal community, the court is aware that Mr. Karen is experienced and competent both as a litigator and as a mediator.  He was very suited to Mr. [X’s] needs to sue his former lawyers and to reach a negotiated settlement of the case to raise badly needed cash.”

Judge of the Ventura County Superior Court

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