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DK Law Group attorneys have over 35 years of defense experience in all phases real estate litigation including multi-party and complex litigation. We represent individual property owners, developers, and individual and institutional lenders with significant involvement in complex litigation, including participation in case management orders governing litigation. Our attorney’s real estate law practice areas include real estate acquisition, development, foreclosures and sale, real estate leasing and property management, eviction, commercial property law in California, property and land use, environmental regulations, tenancy law, HOA, home owners association, timeshare transfers, condo law, easement law, common areas, CC and Rs, and vacation rental contracts. Our attorneys have a deep understanding of real estate law and complex litigation. If you have a real estate-related matter, please contact DK Law Group today to speak with an attorney with years of real estate legal and real world business experience.

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David M. Karen, Esq. Senior Partner of DK Law Group

David M. Karen, Esq.

David M. Karen is known as the “go to” attorney for complex real estate cases and timeshare litigation both locally and nationally for both individuals and for businesses. Mr. Karen has been representing both Plaintiffs and Defendants, including insured and uninsured risks throughout the State of California for over 35 years.  View Mr. Karen’s profile>
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