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The attorneys at DK Law Group help individuals and businesses with their insurance contracts as well as by representing them in insurance claims. Our lawyers represent both insureds by appointment from insurance carriers as well as in Cumis relationships. We routinely assist in the prosecution of life insurance, disability insurance as well as property loss, uninsured or under insured claims. If you have an insurance claim, insurance contract, or other insurance law issue, let our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys do the work so you are protected.  Our insurance practice areas include health insurance, life insurance, long-term care insurance, business insurance, disability insurance, policy cancellation, ERISA, insurance attorneys, Cumis counsel, pet health insurance, homeowners insurance and insurance bad faith. Contact DK Law Group if you need help with an insurance claim or legal matter.

Best Insurance Law Litigator and Adviser

David M. Karen, Esq. Senior Partner of DK Law Group

David M. Karen, Esq.

Senior Partner David M. Karen has been representing both Plaintiffs and Defendants, including insured and uninsured risks throughout the State of California for over 35 years. He has a long track record of helping people make sure their legal rights are respected and they are fully compensated for automobile injuries, premises liability claims, products liability actions, dog attacks and toxic tort litigation. View Mr. Karen’s profile >
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