Summer Internship Class of 2017

Here is the video created by the 2017 Summer Interns at DK Law Group. Over the course of 8 weeks, they were exposed to the real world of law and civil litigation. Watch to see what they learned!

Alex Chow

I graduated from Newbury Park High School in the class of 2017, having participated in Mock Trial for all four years of high school.  My senior year I was awarded second place prosecution pretrial attorney for Ventura County.  In the fall of 2017 I will be attending Northeastern University in their joint major program for Political Science and Business Administration.  After four years of Mock Trial, my knowledge of law was limited and this internship has changed that drastically.  At the end of this program I can look back and say that I gained 8 weeks of real world experience in a law firm, and have discovered what it means to me to be a trial lawyer. During the program we had the opportunity to speak to many different trial attorneys and judges and have improved my advocacy skills. I have worked on actual deposition summaries and could not be more grateful for this amazing experience. I would recommend it to everyone and anyone who is interested in law.


Jennifer Jones

Coming to DK Law Group was a completely new experience for me. Despite having competed in mock trial during high school, I quickly learned that real law is very different from the fictional trials I had participated in my four years at Santa Susana high school. As an aspiring law student, getting the exposure of working in a real law firm was an amazing opportunity for which I am extremely grateful. At the law firm I was able to learn what goes on behind the scenes as a lawyer. Not only did I learn how to complete everyday office tasks, but I also had the opportunity to shadow a specific case being worked on at the firm. Through that case I was able to accomplish meaningful work by summarizing depositions of potential witnesses in the case. We also had the opportunity to visit the Ventura County Courthouse and watch civil and criminal cases. This allowed me to see the stark differences between the two, from the burden of proof to the courtroom demeanor. We even got to have one on one discussions with the presiding judges. The internship experience offered by the DK Law Group is one of a kind and I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such wonderful lawyers and interns. I am going to UC Berkeley in the Fall and my desire to become a lawyer has only grown through this program. I would recommend it to anyone.


Ritika Iyer

I will be a senior at Westlake High School this fall and will be entering my third year on my school’s mock trial team. Over the past years my interest in law has been growing steadily and after this internship, my interest in the law has skyrocketed. My time at the DK Law Group’s Advocacy Internship Program has greatly expanded my understanding of law and the reality of what it means to be a trial attorney. Coming into the internship, my knowledge about the law was limited. From the interview process to how we dress for the internship, we have been expected to act as professionals. Half way through the program my speaking and debating skills had already improved. My ability to think on my feet progressed due to the impromptu advocacy battles and the constructive advice given by the mentors. We had the opportunity to visit the courthouse and watch a trial in session, watching a variety of advocacy styles and persuasive techniques. Thank you so much DK Law Group for the amazing opportunity and hands on experience!


Daria Azizad

As a rising junior at Newbury Park High School, most of my legal experience came from mock trial prior to coming to DKLG. Midway through my sophomore year of high school, I realized that I wanted to go to law school; however, my experience with the law only extended as far as two years of mock trial could provide. Although mock trial introduced me to basic legal concepts, DKLG was an introduction to the world of law like no other. DKLG expanded upon the basics and beyond: through work with deposition summaries, advocacy battles, and field trips to the courthouse, I learned much more than I thought possible in just eight weeks. Before coming to DKLG, I thought I was fairly competent stepping outside my comfort zone, but the daily activities proved to be more of a leap than just a mere step. I learned the exact areas that I needed to improve upon and what characteristics I needed to foster. I am so grateful for this “unheard of” opportunity. Being able to see the daily roles involved in a law firm broadened my understanding and perspective. Hearing about the content of the LSAT, college admissions, and the bar exam opened my eyes to all that is on the road ahead. Being the youngest one here with the least experience, I am especially thankful that I was granted the ability to work around those who are much more knowledgeable than me.